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Bearbeitet von Matiwapo: 8/23/2017 7:10:14 PM

Invisibility hacks in crucible?

Ill try to keep this short. I was playing some crucible, minding my own business, killing some primary having noobs with my uni when suddenly i was tethered from nowhere. Nothing on my radar, no activation sound, just an insta-death. I put it down to lag...etc and carried on playing untill i was getting a res and was spike naded from an impossible angle. I re watched the footage and saw that spike literally game out of nowhere, therefore proving that this hunter was invisible. He even waved! That was just rude more than anything else. The same kind of thing continued for the rest of the match including a melee to the back when my radar was clean. My teammate messaged me that he had seen it too. If you want to see it for yourself my xbox one gamertag is zZ xPhoenix Zz and the recording is currently uploading. Thanks to Anchor_Down we know that this was nothing more than a rare glitch, i will leave the thread open for anyone else who has experienced similar problems and doesn't know what is going on.

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