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8/7/2017 5:41:57 PM

Would you want to see a Destiny Event up in Toronto, Canada?



No thanks!


Hey everyone! I have been a huge fan of these Destiny Events that have happened this summer and it got me thinking...Why not something up in Canada? I have some experience holding different events for work and social gatherings so I decided to do some research. After taking lots of notes and speaking to the right people, I formulated an event plan that could possibly work well. The only issue is if people actually want to see this happen and would people go? So here I am, asking everyone if you would be interested in seeing a Destiny Event up in Toronto, Canada. You are more than welcome to fill out the form by clicking the link below, entering in the poll or commenting on this post. Please let me know your thoughts, if you have an ideas, if you would like to help, etc. Thank you for reading. [url][/url]

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