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Hello There!

First things first, this post is not in the typical sense a clan recruitment post, at least not in the meantime. This post is more so looking for guardians who have had similar experiences to myself over the last three years. Destiny is not about the loot obtained nor the monsters faced. At its core Destiny is about the relationships formed with other guardians. Don't take the word "relationships" out of context either, friendships formed with others within Destiny is by far the most enjoyable experience the game has to offer. There are countless different personalities to meet on Destiny, and that's what keeps it fresh and interesting. It's the sole reason the game hadn't flopped at launch. However, most of the guardians I've met over the years have slowly faded into the darkness. To get on with my point, I'm looking for fellow guardians who are planning to play Destiny 2 for the long haul. People who will stick it out through thin and thick. Absolutely anyone who just wants to have fun is welcome. If this post sounds familiar and or interesting in the slightest I urge you to send me a message. I am looking forward to the adventures in the future. Till September 6th guardians.

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