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Ghost Fragment: The Dark Tower (a Destiny Short Story)

[b]TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording DESCRIPTION: Conversation LOCATION: European Dead Zone PARTIES: Three [3]. Two [2] Guardian-type; One [1] Guardian-type, Class Warlock [u.1], One [1] Guardian-type, Class Hunter [u.2], One [1] Ghost-type, designate [REDACTED] [u.3] ASSOCIATIONS: King, Stephen; Ir Yut, Last Word, Dwindler's Ridge; Malphur, Shin; Toland the Shattered; Yor, Dredgen; //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS.../[/b] [u.1:0.1] "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.‎" [u.2:0.1] Sounds poetic. [u.1:0.2] I believe that's what the author was going for at the time. [u.2:0.2] Read that in a book now, did you? Who's the author? One of those toga wearing philosophers from when humanity still fought with sticks and such? [u.1:0.3] That doesn't make any sense, if they still fought with sticks and such, why would there be a Gunslinger? [u.2:0.3] So... not a philosopher then. [u.1:0.4] No, much more recent actually, a fellow by the name of Stephen King, wrote a lot of fantasy and horror novels. [u.2:0.4] How recent is recent? [u.1:0.5] He's been dead since the twenty-first century. [u.2:0.5] So... why bring this up? [u.1:0.6] I find that line to be very similar to our situation, don't you? [u.2:0.6] You're not wearing black, and this isn't the desert, so... no. [u.1:0.7] Ah, but you are a Gunslinger. And the Man in Black was actually a wizard. [u.2:0.7] ]Like those Hive witches you have always been obsessed with? [u.1:0.8] No, he was human, I believe. [u.2:0.8] You're stalling. [u.1:0.9] Of course i'm stalling. You didn't think I intended to go with you? [u.2:0.9] Probably not. They did tell me you went mad. [u.1:1.0] Probably. Doesn't really bother me if others think i'm insane. [u.2:1.0] And what do you think? [u.1:1.1] Oh no, I am totally insane. No doubt about that. But sane people are never willing to take the plunge, at least not deep enough to effect any real change. [u.2:1.1] I can see why they call you 'the Shattered'. So tell me, why have you been stalling? [u.1:1.2] Hmm? Oh, just trying to understand the psyche of the man who killed one of my close friends. [u.2:1.2] Which one? I've killed many. [silence] [u.2:1.3] Ah, him. Did you know him before he became Dredgen Yor? [u.1:1.3] No, I only met him after he died. [u.2:1.4] Perks of listening to the 'Deathsinger's Song'? [u.1:1.4] Something like that. [u.2:1.5] You felt a kinship with him, probably because of your similar experiences with the Hive? [u.1:1.5] *snorts* Our experiences were anything but similar. He barely scratched the surface, while I decided to dig deeper than even I was comfortable with. [u.2:1.6] The Taken? [u.1:1.6] Yes, that power of Darkness that Oryx had claimed for himself, that could bend anyone to his will. [u.2:1.7] Until those other guardians ended him. [u.1:1.7] And left all of that power unclaimed, ripe for the taking, so to speak. Defies the Sword Logic. [u.2:1.8] Took your shot at the throne did you? [u.1:1.8] Only so much you can do when your dead. [u.2:1.9] We're Guardians. being dead is sort of a job requirement. [u.1:1.9] Not for all of us, evidently. [u.2:2.0] So that's why your stalling, you wanted to learn more about my light. [u.1:2.0] I'll admit it interests me that you never had to die in order to access your light. But no, that's not why i'm stalling. Where was I? Ah yes, the Throne. No I couldn't make a play for the throne at the time Oryx fell, wasn't really corporeal at the time. Had to wait for the others to make their play. [u.2:2.1] And now? [u.1:2.1] It's... complicated. Hard to explain. [u.2:2.2] For you? Then it must be really complicated. That power would consume you. [u.1:2.2] It already has, and will again. [u.2:2.3] Why are you stalling? [u.1:2.3] I just wanted to talk. Goodbye Shin Malphur. [silence] [u.2:2.4] You get all that Ghost? Good. Contact the Vanguard, tell them that Toland the Shattered is active and dangerous. [u.3:01] Anything else? [u.2:2.5] Tell Xander to double the bounty, no way in hell I'm going after that lunatic without compensation. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________THE END FireteamX Table of Contents: [i]After 2 years of dawdling, I return before the beta to post this new story, I will post another soon, but the word count is making it hard for me to post that one now, so I am posting this one first. before anyone asks, I don't know what the hell I am going to do about Fireteam X. enjoy the story![/i]

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