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7/19/2017 9:43:51 PM

Beta Feedback (XB1)

[b]Negative:[/b] 1) I press the button to bring up my ghost, but pressing the button again doesn't put the ghost away like it does in D1. Is this intentional or a bug? 2) Weapons seem a bit underpowered in PvE. Especially Power Weapons. Also, we're level 20 in the beta, so shouldn't we be annihilating the enemies in the first story mission? Maybe it's because it's the beta in which case it's understandable, but I still think weapons need a slight PvE damage buff. 3) Supers and other abilities charge too slowly, I think that their recharge rates need increasing. 4) Pikes are destroyed too easily and they don't deal enough damage. 5) Cabal Phalanx is not the only enemy now capable of catapulting someone into the sunset. We can keep it on Phalanx units, and also maybe certain boss mechanics, but other regular enemies? Please, no more of that. 6) We SEE more than one weapon from D1 in Homecoming (Cayde's Ace of Spades, Shaxx's Razelighter), but because of whiny D1 haters who insist that literally everything be new and original, we'll probably never get to use them in D2. That makes me sad. 7) When you die and get "Misadventure", your clan name appears behind the word "Misadventure", forcing it a bit to the left and screwing with the alignment of the letters and symbols. 8) Warlock Glide is incredibly underwhelming, needs some extra omph. 9) Nowhere near enough time to get to Zavala's shield during Homecoming. If you're too far away, you'll ALWAYS end up getting annihilated when JUST outside of it. 10) Nothing to do with the beta, but the fact that we can't recustomize characters we're importing is a huge downer for me. I want to keep my hunter (had him since Day one), but his hairstyle looks ugly as ****. 11) Golden Gun's PvE damage is underwhelming. It only deals tiny amounts of damage to bosses, some regular enemies can survive it, and I think it needs beefing up a bit to counteract this. Not enough to where it can one shot another super in the crucible, but more than what it is now. 12) 4v4 only isn't as fun. Personally, I think there should be some 6v6 gamemodes. Possibly even higher if we get a big enough map. We have vehicles and stuff now, so Big Team Battle seems much more doable now than it was in D1, I think Bungie should take advantage of this. [b]Positive:[/b] 1) The guns FEEL nice to use. I think the rates of fire, stability, recoil, and sound effects work together very well. 2) Subclass perks for Arcstrider and Gunslinger look pretty awesome. Looking forward to using them properly in the final game. 3) Matchmaking times were much lower than I thought they would be. 4) Titan's Lift and the Hunter's double jump are quite nice to use. 5) Sweet Business is fun, though I think the starting rate of fire could be a TINY bit quicker. 6) Homecoming has a nice length to it. While repeating it over and over again would be quite a chore, it serves as a great introduction to the Destiny 2 campaign. 7) Inverted Spire's boss fight is about as good as some of the best D1 strike bosses, and I think it deserves to be appreciated. 8) Teh Graffecks is gud. 9) Armor looks neato, but I still think armor that is at least reminiscent of the Age of Triumph raid armors from D1 would be a nice addition further down the line. 10) Sunshot is a very nice hand cannon, I think it's fun to use, and the fact it lights people on fire is just gravy. 11) Countdown is cool! Looking forward to playing more of this in the full game. [b]Misc. Suggestions:[/b] 1) Rumble and Private Matches need to be in D2. If not at launch, then relatively soon afterwards (maybe a month or so?). 2) Private Matches should allow for as much customization as Halo's Custom Games. For example, we should be able to modify weapon damage, ability damage, ability cooldowns, ammo spawn rates, infinite ammo/bottomless clip, how players earn points, and so on. 3) Capture the Flag, or something similar, should be implemented at some point. 4) Spectator mode for Crucible. Guardians should be able to spectate Crucible matches, possibly even making bets on the game (using glimmer and possibly other in-game currencies). 5) If we get a Fireteam of 4 players in the crucible, then can we also get that many players in story missions and/or strikes? 6) Seen people around the forums saying they'd like to be able to change the color of their subclass abilities (blue Dawnblade, Pink Arcstrider, Green Sentinel, etc.), I'd just like to say I support this idea 100%, because I think it'd be a lot of fun.

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