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Diskutiere über alles, was mit Destiny zu tun hat.
6/30/2017 7:49:36 AM

Destiny players are scamming, worse than ever.

Destiny is starting to become YouTube's community, the people of Destiny are using trials as a source of income, by "clickbaiting" LFG's and LFM's, they use these, and other social medias to get popular, but the horrible thing that these people do, is don't even guarantee flawless, they will give it around three chances and leave you or boot you, regardless of the players skill level, what do I mean by skill level? Never been flawless, can't handle multiple targets the ways other can, etc. But, not all of Destiny's community are scum, GuardianCons stream over on twitch raised over $1million for charity which proves this community is Legendary above all other communities, for stepping out and doing something for a good cause, I wasn't here to smack the Destiny community with insults, I was here, to report and to warn people about these people, do not, trust, everyone. Thanks for reading.

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