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I need ideas for Halo 5 forge! [1st vote done]

Hello Bungie forums! Yes, some will recognize me, others will be like "Who's this dumbass sod?" Anyways, I need new ideas to work on for the summer on halo. It can be anything. Video game stuff, movie stuff, real life stuff, songs, anything! I am only making maps though. No game modes. Make sure you include a picture or video so I can get a idea as to what I'm building. I will look through all these options and choose Monday. I've already made a few maps that you can find on Forge hub here. [i][b]Believer:[/b][/i] [i][b]Shiver Me Timbers:[/b][/i](Note, I hadn't updated the Forgehub page) Hope you all have a good day! Hope I can make a map that will appease you! Edit 1: Thank you for Servonius and The Modular Mind for giving me my next idea for Forge. A space station that has been badly damaged, with infected players or enemy troops roaming the halls. I will get to work soon! But that doesn't mean you can't send in other stuff too! When I'm done with my next project, I'll be looking for more ideas! :)

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