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6/22/2017 7:21:25 PM

Two things that Bungie should consider implementing in D2 [Poll Inside]

I like both of these things


I like one but not the other (please explain)


I don't like either of these things


1) Press RB/R1 for regular melee, Hold RB/R1 for melee ability. It'd stop people accidentally throwing a smoke bomb when an enemy dodges their melee, and it'd stop them from being unable to use a smoke bomb because there was an enemy in front of them. It puts more of the control in the player's hands, which can only be a plus. 2) When you walk up to someone in-game and invite them to your fireteam, they shouldn't get forced into orbit and have to reload into the same location to join you. It should be a TON more seamless than that, like inviting someone to your party in an MMO. If you disagree with either of these things, a comment explaining what's wrong with them would be greatly appreciated.

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