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6/23/2017 3:00:18 PM

Bungie, please reconsider not allowing us to edit imported characters in D2.

I heard somewhere in D2 that the date of our characters' creation will be visible somehow. This is one more reason why I'd rather import a character than build a new one. You made the call to let us import our characters from D1, you knew it was important to us....but what you don't seem to realise is that some of us HATED the character customization in D1. You couldn't turn your head around at all, and when the haircut was finally visible from the back on the Tower, it looked like it'd been [url=]cut by Mr Bean![/url] We asked to be able to wear our helmets in social spaces (remember how we weren't able to do that initially?) and you listened! You acknowledged our preference to look at our helmets rather than our ugly heads. However, we needed more. For a long time, lingering near the top of that "requested features" list, we asked to be able to recustomize our characters, to fix our mistakes. We were already too far in with that character to start all over again, so this was VERY important to us. It was asked for by us launch. It's been 3 years since then, and we still don't have it. When we import our characters to Destiny 2, they will have the exact same ugly haircuts we gave them back in D1. Haircuts that we would never be happy with, all because we weren't given the basic luxury of a mirror at the start of it all. Some of the people reading this might be wondering, "why not just start a new character?" Well, if we did, it'd be a new character, and that date of creation that's visible somewhere will always remind us of it. It's almost purely sentimental, but it's sentimental nonetheless. Some of us want our D1 characters brought into D2, and won't be happy with new ones. You acknowledged this fact when you decided we'd be able to carry our characters forward. Now, I'm asking you to take it one step further. Please Bungie, let me fix my goddamn hair.

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