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6/16/2017 10:46:32 AM

Is there enough NEW, in Destiny 2?

Firstly, I am excited for Destiny 2, as much as this post is an analysis on the controversial announcements made by Bungie I am as pumped as any other fan. The following list however, analyses the new additions, returning aspects and changes that Destiny 2 will include. 1: Lack of dedicated servers. I was initially disappointed with this announcement partly due to the fact that lag plagued the crucible, but upon hearing of the hybrid servers I'm not as annoyed because it doesn't sound as bad. 2: Only 4v4 playlists: When I fist heard this at the reveal (which I watched live at 3AM mind you) I thought it was a mistake on Bungie's behalf, only to discover that Destiny 2's crucible would have only 4v4 gamemodes. I have no problem with 4v4 as a player count for Destiny 2, but the missed opportunities is enormous. No large scale big-team battle gamemodes, no 1v1's, no 3v3's or doubles. Even though most of the community isn't in favour of this change, it''s a change we can only truly judge until the Beta, or the full game when all the gamemodes are realeased. Bungie will 100% change back to variety if the community gets bored within a week, but if it grows on us, (which Bungie thinks it will) then there will be no problem. 3: The return of almost everything, the creation of almost nothing: Nightfalls, strikes, rarities, UI, sparrows, subclasses, elements, ghosts and glorified-loading-screen-ships have all got one thing in common with Destiny 1... They're haven't deviated from they're disadvantages. Nightfalls are just harder strikes, strikes will get repetitive and wont provide enough replayability, rarities haven't changed or evolved (exotics being alright, legendaries will dominate, everything else in-between is a waste of space), UI revolves around the same look as the first game with little to no evolution (could possibly get fresher before launch), Sparrows haven't been announced to have exotic capabilities so I think they will just be the same as they were before, subclasses get a revamp which is great but not a single new nade has been revealed, Arc, Solar, Void are all fine, but nothing new to make our eyes water, ghosts have a map which is brilliant but provide no new light-related abilities. And finally those glorified-loading-screen-ships, a lot of people have said that they don't want ships to provide other roles, otherwise it would make Destiny a different game, but could they've at least showed ship customisation or cool effects and modifications to make them more interesting? Or the ability to fly over the open worlds (especially titan as you have no sparrow)? The new aspects to Destiny 2 however excite me the most. They evolved open worlds, they evolved the story, the scale, the differences between classes and the graphics. Why can't they apply the same treatment to the rest of Destiny? Oh and an emote wheel would be helpful. 4: No private matches at launch: The announcement of no private matches at launch made the community angry and confused, myself included, but upon further analysis I tried to think of a reason to this decision. Are private matches that hard to include? Considering they know exactly how to put them into a game, you'd think that they'd be included as part of the first expansion to make you give Bungie more bling. What if they're evolving private matches? What if they're designing CUSTOM GAMES?!?!? It's a possibility that the delay of private matches at launch is because Bungie are hard at work adding unique settings we've never seen before in Destiny. 5: Balance changes NOT being seperate for PvP and PvE: I am annoyed that Bungie are keeping PvP changes and PvE changes the same, both affecting each other and creating a mess of different meta's which casual players will have to keep up with. But what I hate more, is the excuse. Bungie wants players to not feel disconnected to Destiny's world by making weapons and abilities the same throughout PvE and PvP, but when did anyone complain when Bungie's most recent sandbox update buffed shotguns 20% in PvE saying "My Matador just isn't the same anymore yaknow?" A great way to put emphasis on separating the balance changes would be to have 2 different inspection options for every weapon that gets changed, one lets you see the PvP stats and the other for PvE. Simple. I know that most of these points revolve around rumours and yet-to-be-revealed content but I just wanted to highlight whether or not Destiny 2 seems like a true sequel on ALL fronts. I also know that a sequel must stay true to it's roots and for it to not become a completely different game, I just wanted to analyse the new:returning ratio. Only comment if you've read the entire post and let me know what things you wish Bungie will change or "evolve".

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