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6/12/2017 5:00:21 AM


The following rant is directed entirely towards the people in the destiny community who are extremely vocal about their opinion that absolutely everything has to be [i][b]new[/b][/i] in the sequel. The type of ungrateful person who has an allergic reaction every time they are confronted with the mere possibility of something returning from Destiny 1, and who throws a fit every time they see something from Destiny 2 and it's not [i][b]new[/b][/i] enough for them. If this is not you, then the following rant is not directed at you, so please pay it no heed. === Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with you people? Bungie are making a sequel to Destiny, and everyone is obsessed with seeing [i][b]new[/b][/i] things...but apparently that means that EVERYTHING old sucks, and that if even the slightest thing from the original is in the sequel, it's a goddamn abomination that must be purged at all costs. [b]They're bringing back enemy factions from Destiny 1[/b] "OMFG! THEY'RE JUST RESKINS! WE WANT [i][b]NEW[/b][/i] ENEMEES U IDIUTS!!" You know those aliens you fight in Halo? You know how Halo had a sequel? You know how some of those aliens from Halo were also in the sequel? That's what a sequel is, it's another game set after the first one. It's in the same universe as the first one, therefor the aliens we saw in the first one are obviously going to still be around. Shocker, ain't it? [b]Someone on the forums wants some of the old Exotics to return in the sequel[/b] "BUT I WANT [i][b]NUU[/b][/i] GUNS!!1" Well guess what? You're getting [i][b]new[/b][/i] guns! A whole f### ton of them! Why the hell would the Gjallarhorn, the Pocket Infinity, or the Outbreak Prime coming back be such a bad thing? You want [i][b]new[/b][/i] guns, then use the [i][b]new[/b][/i] guns! If old exotics do come back, you're perfectly welcome to just leave them be, but why the hell does that mean the rest of us can't use them? "BUT THE EVERYONE WOULD ONLY USE THE OLD GUNS!" You don't know that! Even if they did, it would be their choice to do so, and you don't have the right to dictate what we should and shouldn't be able to do. [b]Some of the supers are coming back[/b] "RESKINS! THEY'RE ALL JUST RESKINS!!!" Do you people even understand the concept of what a "reskin" is? The term reskin implies that only the cosmetic aspects of something has been changed, and that's clearly not the case. They HAVE mixed things up, but the mere resemblance to the abilities we had access to previously is enough to make people want to throw up around here. The abilities we had before were AWESOME. The only actual problems with them were balance issues. Obviously a sequel required keeping things fresh, so they took the abilities we already had and improved upon them. You ever heard the phrase "don' fix what isn't broken?" Bungie's decision to do what they did with the subclasses was probably the best one they could've made. If you honestly wanted to play a game with literally nothing from Destiny 1, then why not go play a different game entirely? So sick of seeing people crapping all over the sequel just because it didn't perfectly align with their perfect-fantasy version of it. Sincerely -an optimist and idealist

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