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6/11/2017 4:11:38 AM

Why I hope to see the TTK subclasses return in D2

Like it or not, the subclasses introduced in TTK (Nightstalker, Stormcaller, and Sunbreaker) were awesome concepts, and all of them were executed fairly well upon introduction. Each one of them has become somewhat iconic for the class they were a part of. Nightstalker is arguably the most popular hunter subclass right about now, and Sunbreaker is equally iconic of the Titan class. Stormcaller, maybe a bit less so for the Warlocks, but it is invaluable when generating orbs and clearing large groups of adds. These subclasses haven't been around for as long as the originals, and they've got more to offer in D2 than we give them credit for. The first six subclasses have been around since launch, and each of them has been brought back in a different form. While some consider the new subclasses mere reskins of the originals, I think remix is a more fitting term. Let's be honest, while completely new subclasses would have been cool, I compare the ones we're getting in D2 to the ones we have already and I see almost nothing but improvements across the board. Strikers get more than one FoH and can run around with lightning fists, Dawnblades get a sword made entirely out of fire, and Arcstriders get an awesome combat staff (was kinda hoping it'd be a spear but whatevs). What we're getting in D2 with regards to the original subclasses is a good thing, and I'd like to see the same thing being done to the TTK subclasses. Imagine it; Nightstalkers with permanent quiver, Stormcallers who can leave an actual lightning storm in their wake, and Sunbreakers with a Two-Handed Axe like the one from Rise of Iron. It would be amazing, and I hope that we end up with something similar. === I've also heard rumors that we might be getting animal-themed subclasses in D2 instead of the TTK subclasses. All I can say to that is replacing 'instead of' with 'as well as' would make D2 an even more amazing game.

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