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5/18/2017 10:11:24 PM

I Came Back For This? Really Bungie?

I mean unless they’re hiding something this actually actively pisses me off. Like what they’ve shown so far gives no excuse for them trashing everything we’ve done and hand waving it away by having the tower destroyed. Ummm you can still access the vault at the Reef and Rise of Iron location right? I mean we do all this work for shaders and emblems and sparrows and ships and what not after being told that what you start in the beginning is building on something great. Become “legend” I believe they sold us on. I get that they don’t want new players to feel left out but then they add this sherpa system which invalidates that argument too. I swear Destiny has been nothing but Bungie saying one thing and then once they’ve fooled enough people into make purchases saying something or executing something completely differently. They know only a few people will actually remember what they said earlier or care enough to cancel and it’s worked out wonderfully for them so far. Never forget, “DLC releases will not leave players who only have the base game behind.” - Deej Have y'all forgotten they gave the excuse for literally putting out no new content of worth for the past year (besides RoI) and for this whole year going into September because they were working on D2 and it was going to be a complete overhaul? Have y'all forgotten that when they introduced microtransactions (despite originally saying that would never happen) that they were going to be used to fund FREE content (and no they weren't talking about sparrow racing)? I mean guys you got special shaders for being founders and for Age of Triumph and there is no point to them. I mean do y'all not remember their whole excuse for not being able to make a bunch of content was because their engine was bad and it was hard to work with it? That they were going to make a new one for Destiny 2? Sure seems like that's the same engine. tl;dr After watching the reveal it's abundantly obvious Bungie is continuing it's pattern of making excuses for not keeping promises and then lying about their excuses (read above for examples). If you've been around since the beta it sure seems like They've gotten all this money from Silver and gotten really lazy from it cause we've gotten nothing but crap since then unless we paid for it (Taken King was developed before that).

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