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How to Implement Trading in Destiny II

Trading would be fine in Destiny II if they implement it like ZoS does for ESO. The way it works in that game is that endgame [b]gear earned in a particular dungeon or 12-man trial can be traded up to 2 hours from the time it drops to ANY player [u]that was in your group when it dropped for you[/u].[/b] With this method, the people who you trade with will have "earned" it because they did the same exact activity alongside you. There's no foul play involved. The gear is still only available to those people who work for it. [i][b]Trading would be restricted to only legendary armor and weapon drops [/b]found in endgame activities such as Nightfall and Raids.[/i] Everyone wins. [u]Frequently Made Counterarguments (FMC):[/u] [spoiler][b]1. “Someone will try to sell their drop to players – this will cause problems.”[/b] Answer: Trading with players is only allowed for Nightfall/Raid drops AND the player you are trying to trade with HAS to have been in your fireteam when the gear drop happened. Bungie can easily lock out possible “orbit trades” by requiring the trading players to have been present in the group from the start of encounter aggro until the drop. They won’t be able to “sell” drops to players who didn’t do the activity tied to the drop. For Nightfalls, it would mean both trading players would have had to have been in the NF from orbit to boss kill. For raids, this means from the start of the individual boss encounter (aggro) to the drop. [b]2. “It’s not fair – they could get carried and get the drop easily.”[/b] Answer: How is that any different than what we have now? People get “carried” to the Lighthouse or through a Raid all the time. Besides, by being present in the fireteam, they will have do SOMETHING during the fight and at that point, they’ve contributed and earned the loot. Newer raiders aren’t denied Vex Mythoclast drops by the game system during AoT just because they aren’t “experienced Y1 vets”. For example, everyone who helps kick Atheon’s butt (in whatever capacity during the encounter) gets tradable loot. Period. [b]3. “People may not feel like trading. What if they just hold on to a drop I need…”[/b] Answer: They technically have the right to hold onto their drop. A simple solution to this issue for “stingy randoms” is to bring a friend or two to increase your drop chances to trade with one another, rather than rely on the kindness of strangers. [b]4. “This will make raid gear too easy to get. People will trade and get everything from others.”[/b] Answer: Trading is optional. Also, people who don’t have the luxury to play as frequently as others can use this feature to “catch up” if they or their friends are lucky with drops. Some people also aim for superior stats on their gear or certain rolls and this feature can ease the RNG grind for many.[/spoiler] [b]EDIT: [/b]I put a section dedicated to answering the most common concerns regarding trading. The "counterargument" of simply "No" is not a position. If you want to give constructive feedback, please post it. I'm all for suggestions on how to improve this idea. The argument against this idea seems to just be "no" without an actual reason....

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