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Bearbeitet von E3HD: 4/15/2017 12:24:50 AM

What We Don't See ? Fusion Rifles.

Option One - Implement Side-Arm Mechanic


Option Two - Tweak Category Across Board


Option Three - Leave Them How They Are


Where Are Fusion Rifles In The Meta ? I have recently came back to destiny after a two month break, And i have seen next to no fusion rifles being used in the crucible let alone other activities. I have thought of a good alternative to fusion rifles in order to make then viable and at the same time not having to tweak them, as done in the past. The First And Most Viable Option Implement the same mechanic of side-arms to fusion rifles but maybe on a lesser scale ? In this sense allow players to spawn in with a certain amount of ammo upon death. I feel this will make fusion rifles a more viable option to the general player base without tweaking the whole weapon category. The Second But More Complicated Option If you have ever attempted to use fusion rifles you have noticed the main reason you avoid them, the base damage ( Unaffected By Range ) Is too affected by damage fall off, also the struggle of having to land all projectiles in your target. I feel if they tweak fusion rifles across the board where the damage and damage fall off is more forgiving, Maybe a kill can be achieved even when not landing all projectiles, also allowing more damage at ranges. But i feel tweaking the whole weapon category is to sensitive, It can easily result in fusions being over used and over powered, that's why the first option is more viable. Please Leave Feedback And Opinions, They Are Much Appreciated.

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