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Bearbeitet von DyIan NL: 3/31/2017 10:31:44 PM

About the Daybreak modifier.

I loved it, and would like to see a playlist with it.


I hated it, and do not want it to be featured again.






As you might have noticed, Bungie introduced a new modification for the Nightfall, called "Daybreak". For those who do not know what it means, it says: "The Darkness grows stronger, and so do you. Form a fireteam of three and unleash your Light with greatly increased ability recharge." What this pretty much means is Mayhem like in Crucible. Grenades, Melee and Supers recharge a lot quicker. After I completed the nightfalls, and went back to playing normal Heroic Strikes, I felt like a sack of potatoes. The point of this poll, is to see what the community thinks about the new Modifier. And I came up with an idea to add a playlist with this Modifier added permanently and maybe rotating burns.

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