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Internal Affairs- Wonderful World Part 2

"Expose the Speaker? How do you plan on doing that?!" Claire questioned Anon, probing him for information. "Simple really," Responded Anon with a smile underneath his helmet, "We need to get to the European Deadzone." "What could be so important that we'd have to go there?" "You ever hear of the Concordant?" "I thought they died off years ago... Weren't they planning a rebellion against the city?" "Something like that, not that it -" "You want to team up with a group of radical guardians that want to destroy the city?" "Well yeah, they're our safest bet, don't you think?" "Perhaps, but what's your plan when we actually do find them? We can't just waltz in and say we want to help." "It's worth a shot, especially when it's the only one we've got." "But-" Claire tried to argue, but nothing came to mind. She fell silent awkwardly, looking at the ground "If you think of something better, or smarter tell me." Anon patted her shoulder assuringly. "To the Deadzone it is, any specific region?" "We'll have to figure that out as we go." Anon stood, and helped Clair up. "That's not very helpful, Anon." "I hate to break it to you, but it's the best I can do right now." Clair sighed, a hand cannon formed in her hand and she pulled the hammer back. "Ghost," Anon said as he turned towards the little light. "Yes, Anon?" It's one eye blinked, looking at Anon. "What are our options on weaponry?" "The Vanguard seized most of your assets in the tower, as well as your safe house in Venus." "Damn, what about the one on Mars?" "Under investig-" "You can use one of my guns," Clair interrupted, looking at Anon's Ghost. "Excellent! Do you have a Hopscotch?" Anon said cheerfully Clair sighed, looking towards her own Ghost, which simply nodded understandingly. The Hopscotch Pilgrim Pulse Rifle formed in her other hand, and she handed it to Anon who graciously accepted it. "Thank you, truly." "Yeah don't mention it. Let's just get going." Clair set off, headed North, and Anon quickly followed in suit. "Time for an adventure..." Anon smiled to himself, reminiscing about a time when he, Truth and Geyser had scouted the Deadzone for Shaxx. He sighed, looking forward towards their goal. --------End Of part 2-------- Author's Note: Man it has been quite some time since I wrote my last installation. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy. Also, catch up here

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