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Everything Changes and other stories

Welcome guardians of all classes and normal people too. This is the appendix of my first fanfiction series [i]Everything Changes[/i]. I am open to criticism, support, feedback, and the sorts. I will be adding other stories over time. I do have somethings in mind, but for now enjoy. I'll see you starside guardians. Also in honor of Year Two I have revamped the appendix and added even more works on which I look forward to working on. =-------------------------------------------------= [b][i]EVERYTHING CHANGES[/i][/b] When Kabr Is thought to be alive the Speaker initiates a system wide man hunt. In the the end he gets more then he bargained for [spoiler] RECON Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- MISTAKEN IDENTITY  Part 1- Part 2- GAZING INTO THE FUTURE  Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- RETURNING HOME Part 1- Part 2- PLANNING Part 1- (One Parter) Vault Raiders Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Special Thanks to Echo for helping me out Part 4: Part 5: Transmission Part 1: Part 2: Gorgon's Labyrinth (One Parter) I Spy Another one Parter Betrayal  Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- Beginning of the End Part 1- Part 2- Epilogue [/spoiler] =------------------------------------------------= [b][i]HUNTED[/i][/b] When one of the best Hunters in the entire order goes missing foul play is suspected. But what really happened? [spoiler] Prologue: Part 1- Part 1(Revamped)- [/spoiler] =--------------------------------------------------= [b][u]Internal Affairs.[/u][/b] This follows Anon story, after the events of Everything Changes [spoiler]Running Part One- Part Two- Wonderful World Part 1- Part 2- [/spoiler] =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= [b][u]Non Destiny[/u][/b] Pill: =----------------------------------------= [b][i]Future Works:[/i][/b] Untold heroes [spoiler] What if there was a unit that worked like the police but were unauthorized. Vigilantes, keeping the streets safe of criminal scum. [/spoiler] A Place Called Home [spoiler]An attack on the Tower leaves the city crippled. Who will rise from the ashes and repair what was lost? [/spoiler] Beyond Time [spoiler]After Kabr defeats Atheon, he finds himself warping through time and space to get to his own timeline in an effort to set it right.[/spoiler] Unnamed story [spoiler]A veteran of the Twilight Gap becomes extremely jealous of a rising Guardian who's stealing the spot light.[/spoiler] =--------------------------------------------------= [b][i]CREDITS[/i][/b] RoyalBlade as Maurya Anonpig as Anon Truthseeker as Truth ExplodingGeyser as Geyser BlazingHawk as Gage [b][i]Co Author(s)-[/i][/b] ECHO [b][i]All Characters [/i][/b] [spoiler]Everything Changes Anon, Geyser, Truth, Maurya, Dredgen Yor, Kabr, Cayde, Ikora, Zavala, Gage, Rehmee, Réci, Osiris, Balear, The Speakster Hunted Achilles, Želim Internal Affairs Anon, Calrimonde, Amanda Holliday[/spoiler]

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