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[BUNGIE] Update 2.5.0 and The Dawning Known Issues

[b]The Dawning & SRL 2016 have concluded[/b]. Players who wish to complete the Competitive Spirit Record Book and earn Record Book rewards may participate in Sparrow Racing in Private Matches. Strike Scoring will also continue to be available, as well as the Vanguard Elite and Weekly Elite Bounties from the Bounty Tracker and Commander Zavala in the Tower. [b]PLEASE NOTE[/b]: The SRL Record Book from SRL 2015 cannot be completed in Sparrow Racing Private Matches. [quote][b]Updated 02/22: Emerging Issues[/b] The following previously listed issues have been fixed in [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url]: [quote] [spoiler][b][u]Three of Coins from Xûr[/b][/u] Due to a limitation of his Inventory space, Xûr’s Curio stock was inconsistent between his weekly visits. This led to weekends where he did not have a given item, such as Three of Coins, available for purchase. This issue was addressed in [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], available now. [b][u]Nova Mortis and Abbadon Stability[/b][/u] Previously, players reported issues with the recoil of the Nova Mortis and Abbadon Exotic Machine Guns. This issue was addressed in [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], available now. [b][u]Plaguelands Patrol[/b][/u] Some Patrol missions in the Plaguelands were not reliably causing enemies to drop their respective objective items. This issue was addressed in [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], available now. [b][u]SRL 2015 Momentum Armor[/b][/u] Momentum Armor from the SRL 2015 Record Book was not unlocking in the Holiday Collection for players who have already unlocked this gear. This issue was addressed in [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], available now.[/spoiler] [/quote] The following items are player reported issues which we are currently investigating: [quote] [b][u]Health Regeneration[/b][/u] With [url=]Destiny Hotfix[/url], changes made to Hungering Blade were unintentionally shared among a number of additional elements. For more information, please [url=]click here[/url]. [b][u]Elimination[/b][/u] We are currently investigating an issue impacting Elimination Game Types, where rounds may not end as expected when all players on a Fireteam have been defeated. [b][u]GRIMOIRE: Icebreaker[/b][/u] We are aware of an issue where players who acquire the Icebreaker Reprisal from the weekly Vanguard Elite bounty will not unlock the corresponding Grimoire card. Players who acquire the Year 1 Icebreaker will not be impacted by this issue. [b][u]Waypoint at Ikora[/b][/u] Players who have completed the "Songs from the Void" Quest will see a waypoint at Ikora in the Tower until they have acquired the "Hymns of Fire" Quest from Commander Zavala. Note that Commander Zavala [i]will not[/i] have a waypoint directing players to speak with him. [b][u]Memory of Felwinter & The Nexus Strike[/b][/u] The Memory of Felwinter Iron Lord Artifact prevents players from activating their Super with the Aegis relic in the updated "The Nexus" Strike on Venus. For more info on Memory of Felwinter, please [url=]click here[/url]. [b][u]SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Treasure of the Dawning[/b][/u] The tooltip for the Treasure of the Dawning earned through the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike playlist does not stack with Treasures of the Dawning purchased through Eververse Trading Co., and does not animate as expected when opened. [/quote][/quote] [b]Original Thread:[/b] [spoiler]Hello all, [quote]For the top of The Dawning and SRL 2016 Guided Support, please [url=]click here[/url]. For a list of Vital Information for The Dawning and SRL 2016, please [url=]click here[/url]. For a list of Vital Information for Vangaurd Elite Strike Scoring, please [url=]click here[/url]. [/quote] The following are issues which players should be aware of in Destiny Update 2.5.0: [b]THE DAWNING[/b] [quote] [b][u]The Dawning Class Items[/b][/u] The Legendary Dawning Class Items [armory]Mark of Bright Hope[/armory], [armory]Cloak of Snows[/armory], and [armory]Bond of Frost[/armory] do not display Intellect, Discipline, or Strength stat values in either their tooltip or Details screen. All stats values are applied normally. [b][u]Unfinished Races[/b][/u] If the timer expires during an SRL race, and no player crosses the finish line, player placings may not be accurately reflected in the post-game Activity Rewards screen. [/quote] [b]SRL[/b] [quote] [b][u]SRL Bounty Progress[/u][/b] Players who participated in SRL 2015 may find that some of their SRL 2016 Bounties are already showing progress. That is because these Bounties remember progress earned during the SRL 2015 Live Event. [b][u]SRL Champion[/b][/u] The SRL Champion perk found on SRL 2016 Class Items has the same icon as the Vanguard Champion perk available on other Class Items. The SRL Champion perk increases SRL Event Standing, and does not increase Vanguard reputation gains. [/quote] [b]VANGUARD ELITE[/b] [quote] [b][u]Arsenal of Light Bounty[/b][/u] The Entrapment and Warding Light Medals do not contribute progress toward the Arsenal of Light Vanguard Elite Bounty. [b][u]Killing Spree[/b][/u] The Explosive Spree Medal does not contribute to the Killing Spree Record. [/quote] [b]PRIOR ISSUES[/b] The following are issues which existed prior to Destiny Update 2.5.0, which we are continuing to investigate: [quote] [b][u]Local Network Fireteam Joining[/b][/u] We are aware that some players who are joining Fireteams on the same local network are encountering issues. Please continue to report your experience. We are continually investigating this issue. [b][u]SIVA Key Fragments[/b][/u] We are aware of player reports describing losing SIVA Key Fragments from the Wrath of the Machine Raid. Please continue to report your experience. We are continually investigating this issue. [/quote][/spoiler]

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