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Bearbeitet von Sorvel_64: 1/20/2017 9:24:17 PM

Destiny 2: Let's Talk Customization and Open World

Greetings Bungie and fellow Guardians I had some more ideas I wanted to share with everyone. Give the post a like if you agree! Destiny is a wonderful game (it's not perfect) but there's stuff that can be worked on. And a big one that I'm certain would appeal to everyone is more availability for customization. Destiny is a story about you, your Guardian and in a way a lot of people (me included) have taken that personally in the Destiny community. It's [i]our[/i] story. So I want some more options in the game (and I mean a lot). For starters: [b]Character Customization[/b] With millions of players there's only so many ways one can wear their armor and shader before they find a twin someplace. So I propose this. Although I like shaders why not just get rid of them? Instead do what Warframe did and introduce color pallets. Everyone can start off with a base pallet, big enough that you still have variety to it. All other pallets [b](not individual colors)[/b] can be purchased for a cheap amount of silver. Allow us to change the base color of armor, accents, secondary colors, heck even what color tint our Light has. Imagine a blood red storm caller or blade dancer, that would be terrifying. That's one thing I have to say that I liked about Warframe was how unique you can make your character and I feel like that should be a really big thing in Destiny 2. Let's truely make it ours. But why stop there? Add more cosmetic features for the Guardians character models and include a feature that can allow some people to change their look for say 10,000 Glimmer. There are people I know who want to reset their character just because they didn't give any thought into how they looked and now 3 years down the road wish they had. [b]Ship, Armor, and Weapon Customizations[/b] (I hope we get to use those fancy guns on our ships in destiny 2 *cough*) >.> Our ships are part of our Guardian. It can tell someone who you're aligned to etc. But when someone else has the same ship, it's a little disheartening. So give the ships their own color schemes, their own pallets. Let us paste faction emblems all over them (I personally would like the Queen's mark on my Seeker). Slap some Fallen emblems on there why not. Give our ships some character. It would awesome flying into a match and seeing a certain ship and knowing that "oh hey that's xxx player, holy cow!". That would be awesome. Make it so we can earn certain emblems for ships or color schemes etc by ranking up. Give us something for having 50+ rank ups with a faction. That's just some ideas for a start. Next [b]Open World Exploration[/b] I understand it's a lot of work but I really want Destiny bigger. I did hear some whispers about this in Destiny 2 but here's some extra tid bits. Destiny is about us exploring the unknown, going out into the vast open world (I main a Hunter if it wasn't obvious). I love exploring and the current Destiny world seems small. Open up the planets, open up the Dreadnought. Oryx's ship is vast and we've only seen a tiny portion of it. More towns, more hints of the past civilizations that once were there. More remnants of the Golden Age, more side quests. Let us make this our journey. I keep hearing about South Africa on the Tower PA or the Manhattan nuclear zone. Hell what about the European Deadzone where Memento and Widow's Court are? Those would be truly fun places to explore. And that Fallen Ketch there tells me the Fallen occupation isn't just in the Cosmodrome. What other hidden secrets are there to find? [b]An Overall More Personalized Game[/b] Another thing I noticed that people did want was more interaction with your Ghost. Our Guardian barely speaks so why not give us the option to interact with our Ghost? Give us the options of several voice lines we can choose from that will influence our relationship with our Ghost and the dialogue they will produce. the Khovostov mission was really touching, and I really enjoyed it and I want to have more moments like that. In addition to being able to choose dialogue at certain points why is everyone stuck with one Ghost? I personally like my little sarcastic smart ass (I started basically in Yr II) and I don't want my Ghost to change. But others want Dinklebot back, a friend of mine wanted her Ghost to have a female voice. (Yes it is more work) but let's be able to choose a base personality of our Ghost. One will say something different compare to another in the same situation. They're still saying the same thing, but just in a different way. [b]Give Your Players a Choice (more choices!)[/b] I remember seeing a video back when Bungie was working on Halo that you wanted to get the player evolved. Like with the battle with 343 Guilty Spark, did you want the player to be the one to fight him or do a cinematic. So let's build on that. Why not make it so our actions throughout the game effect how it plays out? How our NPCs see us? Are we a true to heart good Guardian? Did we take the similar path that Dregden Yor did? Or are we some kind of mix between both? Granted major questlines can't be ignored but this would be something fun to put in side quests. And this can also link to Faction related quests. Which brings me to my next point. [b]Make Factions More Than Just Clubs[/b] The 3 factions all have their own views. And I liked Warframe's idea of how you can actually build negative rep with one faction since they have their own enimies. I'm not saying join Dead Orbit and get negative rep with New Monarchy but what if they sent you on some kind of hush hush mission? What if they didn't like that and what if they send some kind of "assassin" or group to deal with you? I think that would be fun. I personally defected to the Reef so what if after numerous time of me ignoring certain Van Guard duties some Guardian had a problem with it. Say we got into a fight and at the end of the fight I had the option to either kill them or let them live? I think something like this would not only vastly expand the Destiny-verse but it would also make the game much more emersive. It would give people more to do in PvE and give the game replayibility too for those who wanted to erase a character and start over. Also take our class into consideration in the story, as well as the race we chose. I remember when I first played I thought I was going to get some kind of special dialogue for being Awoken (be it good or bad) but it wasn't mentioned. And since there's such a strong emphasis on the classes it should be more apparent in game. Sure the facton reps say "hey hunter, titan, warlock" etc but I want it to actually mean something, because right now it just feels like a title hanging over my head. But for now I think I've written enough and anyone who took the time to read this thank you. Please add on to it. These are just a few ideas I had to improve the game. Yes they would change it but it would be so fun in my mind. I'll write up another post adding on to this another time. Thank you for reading, Sorvel_64

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