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12/31/2016 4:12:00 AM

icebreaker bounty

So, today, I got icebreaker. after 12 attempts I finally got it. for me it was kinda, do or die. in year 1 it was one of my favorites and most used weapons. When my friends and I first heard about it; we were beyond Hype. but when we found how to get it we relayed feeling of how most weapons were received in year one. despite this, we pressed ever onward. the first 2 weeks there were plenty of other things we could do instead and/or after such as SLR and other strike scoring related things. however, last week I got on for ruffly an hour killed the nightfall boss and got offline. but this week...oh this week was a beast of its own kind. the strike being Omnigal (here forth Zomnigal) with void burn, exposure, and juggler (truthfully I didn't notice juggler until I looked just now) all of these could have easily been the one everyone talked about the most when doing the nightfall but together, plus this being one of the hardest strikes in the game (even after the modification by Bungie) made for one hell of a challenge. and not in a good way. my team and I found ourselves dead more times than I dare to say. and when we weren't dead we had run out of time. now as I said I did get mine. no bragging, just saying. one of my teammates got through I like I did and got nothing. the other said -blam!- it and occupied his time with other things saying how he had lost the will to win the gun. considering that this is the team that I spent 9 hours working with the to get outbreak prime says quite a bit to me. firstly, Outbreak had you doing may, may things to get the gun. whereas icebreaker had to doing one thing again and again and again. and in my opinion, the grind, while integral to destiny the has also be destiny biggest flaw. this was most fixed in past expansions the fact that it has made this gun so hard to get, bothers me. by no means do i think this powerful gun should be easy to get. but I think the way that the choose to let us at icebreaker was both lazy and an artificial time boost, and, in no way fun. moreover, I think making us do a quest to get icebreaker in the vain of Outbreak ( and to a lesser degree touch of malice ) like maybe to get the quest started we have to run a nightfall and all the new quests. then we go and find parts for it ( like in the Khvostov quest ) than we like do some old quest to charge the battery. then we take it to banshee to put together, and so on.I don't think doing the nightfall 12 times and rolling for it on RNG system is fair nor fun. but id be interested to see and hear from you guys. thanks for reading

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