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1/3/2017 5:12:04 AM

Finished SRL quest...

...promptly shredded all sparrows and infused or shredded all SRL gear. I think I'll walk instead of using sparrows on patrol for a while. Also, fans are no longer allowed in my house. No satellite dishes either. If I had satellite tv I'd switch to cable. In fact, anything that rotates is on notice. In all seriousness though I think I'd rather see 1 week of SRL every few months rather than 3 solid weeks once a year. Even with the drops, it wears out its welcome pretty quickly, and the steering, camera, and random physics mishaps make it a bit too frustrating for my tastes. Didn't have much problem avoiding the forklift though, except for once race where I somehow got shoved under the siva tendrils on the right side of it and could not die and had to leave the race.

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