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Bearbeitet von o stargazing o: 12/29/2016 9:57:12 PM

Fusion rifle change

I have a quick suggestion for fusion rifles that I think would make them more viable. They're already pretty good but I do think they could afford to be a little better. So my suggestion is to fire off the bolts in more rapid succession than they are right now. Sometimes only a few bolts fire and then I'm killed by a shotgun or I'll melee right after I fire and only 3 bolts will come out. Making them shoot in more rapid succession would just make sure that you'll be firing off all of the bolts per trigger pull and not wasting any shots. Edit: There seems to be a lot of comments about fusion rifles being in a good place and I agree. I love fusions and don't want to make using them "easier". I titled this post as a "change" instead of a "buff" because I think that this is possibly unintended by Bungie, seeing as you lose one whole shot but only several bolts fire instead of the full seven. I don't think this is a buff, I think it's more of a fix. But let me know what you think down in the comments.

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