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12/24/2016 4:49:46 AM

The World is a Dangerous Place, but We Can Keep You Safe

Are you a guardian looking for a good guild to join? Well, I think I have the perfect place for you! :D My group is called "Where is my loot?" And we are always looking for more players to join our fireteams so that we can kick them and take all of the loot for ourselves..... Actually.... I'm the founder of a guild called "The Beaters" and my guild mates would do no such thing. But, there are other terrifying guilds and guardians out there who would. So, come over and join our side :) we will keep you safe from those evil degenerates. All you have to do is message me, or join the guild from this link: And always remember... It's a dangerous world and we might be the only ones that can keep you safe. Join the safe side, join "The Beaters" -Kirito

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