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Bearbeitet von Rain 130: 12/20/2016 10:26:22 PM
It would probably be easier to list who isn't affected by this. Guessing that anyone not experiencing this problem simply doesn't play with anyone on a local network. Since it started with the April update I'd recommend going over that first. Another option would be adding split screen, but then you wouldn't sell as many copies of the game and Sony and Microsoft wouldn't sell as many consoles. (that's secretly why Halo 5 has no split screen campaign.) //make sure it wasn't something commented out. Affected Xbox Players: III Paths TauKage BroomKnight64 CrimsonBadWolf OC Shad0w FoxyLady415 RainboWarrior31 afterthought: how about you try commenting out the April update see if that fixes it. I'm sure the other Sunsingers won't mind having their attack cut in half again if it means we can play with friends and family.

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