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Bearbeitet von Izrul74: 12/17/2016 8:58:36 PM

SRL Starting Cinematic

Whenever I launch into SRL I've noticed there's all of these people that people get to see to pull out their sparrows and get ready for the race but for some reason I've never seen myself there once. And when I'm with my friend he's always in the cinematic. I was wondering how it's calculated to determine who's featured in the lineup like the way team flag holders are determined by light level then grimoire score if light level is tied. UPDATE I don't think it's calculated the way flag holders are since my light is maxed while my friend would be at around 380 and my grimoire is higher than his. BUT he is a year one player and I've joined Destiny in year too so hopefully this helps everyone find the answer. Also I don't believe it's random since I've seen pretty common results.

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