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Missing ToC's *Not actually missing*

[EDIT] Haha. Looks like I done goofed and must have accidentally bought Glass Needles instead. My bad :) ***Original Post*** Hi guys, I realise there is likely not much that can be done about this. But for reporting purposes, just in case it is happening regularly: I just spent a bunch of coins buying 35 ToC's from Xur. In the same interaction I also bought a few hundred heavy synths. I got the synths no worries, but the ToC's didn't appear in my inventory. They were not at the Post Master either. Went to orbit, came back. Switched characters. Logged out and back in. Nothing. I have since bought 15 more and they appeared with no issues. Anyhoo, might have been a one off issue. Never noticed it before. But mentioning it just in case.
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