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12/15/2016 3:37:17 AM

Why SRL is fun, but poorly implemented. And it's not what you think.

Engine. Physics. The game was not designed for something like this. It never was. It's why Destiny 2 is being developed with a completely new engine. Why they're scrapping Destiny's original game engine. It was not meant to do a lot of things. The physics in the game don't make sense. It's a game, yes, but the physics in this game are janked. Take falling 2 feet against a corner and dying, and also having your corpse flung into the reaches of space. Hitting a rock and stopping dead. Being unable to walk slowly up stairs. Being blasted and boosted by slight nudges from friends/the environment. Having your sparrow completely flip out from a small incline. Your sparrow being magnetized/stuck against a wall/obstacle if any part of it touches. Having your Super be pushed away in a weird and random way. Dying from a plain 2 foot fall. Unable to render large areas. Unable to render more than 12 guardians in an area. I can go on and on. I'm glad they are using a new engine for Destiny 2. This current engine can't do much.

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