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Bearbeitet von Butters: 12/13/2016 6:29:41 PM
It's pretty bad that you aren't attempting to fix some of the issues. The game is about progressing, and collecting. Its always said that it takes things from MMO's, which encourages players to find and collect everything. But I can't now: - Collect all Exotic Class Items (because I didn't know I would need to hold onto specific Year 2 Class Items. And new players wouldn't have had the opportunity) - Get certain Grimoire Cards - Get the Student of History Achievement - (Lets see what happens next week with SRL too, maybe that will bring more issues) - (Probably forgetting something else while writing this) I am proud that I have a top 1% Grimoire score and have unlocked all achievements (except 1 obviously), but the fact that there are certain things I can't do in this game really frustrates me. I get that you are probably too busy focusing on Destiny 2 and probably just forgetting about fixing the issues with this game because it won't matter next year (and there is no financial benefit to fix it and probably not enough of the community cares). But doesn't leave me with much hope that your future games will be any better if you don't care enough to fix them now when things don't work. EDIT: I take back most of what I said. It took too long, but at least these things are finally being addressed. In The Dawning Patch notes I saw: - Fixed an issue where some players did not receive the Student of History Trophy/Achievement - Fixed an issue where Year 3 Faction Class Items were not properly contributing to Faction specific Quests Haven't yet tested it (patch is currently downloading for me), but I will assume it works! So still some Grimoire issues, but I am happy that you haven't just forgotten about the other problems and have eventually addressed them.

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