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Bearbeitet von SunsetGunner21: 11/30/2016 2:08:25 AM

Blacksmith Code Error

This might be kinda late to be honest, but ive still been trying to find a way to get my blacksmith shader, yes, i did preorder advanced warfare, yes i do have the reciept, but no, the code is not on there, why didnt i get a code and how(if still posible) can i recuperate that code without having to spend about $200+ buying it off ebay, i literally only preordered that game for the code, and yes i did fully pay for the game just to make sure, and never really got a response when i posted about this back then. If i could somehow get an official to answer my question, can i please get some assistance because i cant be the only one who has encountered this problem. UPDATE 1: I sent an email yesterday(Sunday Nov.27.16) and got an email back around 2 hours later, just a confirmation email to say that they got mine and that theyll respond shortly, but today(Monday Nov.28.16) its 4 pm and i still havent gotten a reply, i guess it takes around 24 hours+ for them to respond so ill just be patient. Ill update when i get the reply. UPDATE 2: More than 48 hours have passed and still no response, i know that this is a gamestop issue, but i thought i'd just keep whoever is interested updated on what is going on through the process of this so if they ever encounter the same problem they can have a certain expectation based off of my experience. Again will keep you posted on what happens next.

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