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Bearbeitet von AtomicBaconBits: 10/10/2016 4:58:01 PM

Bungie, we NEED Queen's Wrath Daily Bounties.

It's getting to the point where grinding up Queen's Rank is getting ridiculous. It takes two weeks at the least to level up one rank, even with Level 34 and 35 Prison of Elders. You can get a max of 2350 Rep each week, if you get luck with the House of Judgement weekly packages. We need more bounties to make it easier to get the gear you get from her. Petra needs to have daily bounties, or maybe make wearing her cloak gives you queen reputation instead of House of Judgement rep. But, its stupid that you can get the classic Queen's Armor, but it takes 2 weeks to rank up and maybe even get a repeat item you don't need. Here are some daily bounty ideas: - Kill Fallen Major and Ultras on [planet name]. 50 rep. - Complete [random HoW mission on Heroic]. 65 rep. - Kill [random Fallen Major/Ultra] in [random mission with Fallen]. 65 rep - Kill the Wolf Archon in the Rubicon Wastes on Mars. 100 rep. - Kill Draksis. 50 rep. - Kill Fallen Ultras. (0/10) 65 rep. - Kill Fallen with precision kills. 50 rep. - Kill Fallen with melee kills. 50 rep. - Complete [random Taken patrol] 50 rep. Maybe a Weekly Quest like Shiro has: "Gather House Banners from different houses by killing Fallen in the Solar System. Wolves, Devil, Kings, Splicer, and Winter." Regardless, we need more ways to get Exp. in Destiny. I really want a set of Queen armor for my Awoken Warlock, but we can't get it as easily as Vanguard gear or NW, FWC or DO gear. Bungie, please fix this. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants this. And, I know others have made posts abotu this that have vanished into the depths of the forums.

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