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11/18/2016 4:45:18 PM
I didn't get the chance to write this yesterday, but I have a few minutes today. First, you, Bungie, actually said something about this in the weekly update. Color me astonished. My praise ends there. A brief preamble, I work with politicians, and their staff. I've even been on staff. I know all about how to say something without saying anything at all. That's all that you've done, said a few words in an attempt to assuage the players who are dealing with this. Those words ring hollow, forced and pointless. The short truth is that you broke it. You've pretty obviously got no idea how to fix it, or you don't care to. You've got our cash for the expansion, you've got the FoTL suckers money - but that's not funding Destiny anymore, is it? It's funding Destiny 2. Come clean, no more lies, no more empty words. Either fix it, or tell us that you're not going to, because it's too late for this game. #deej #cosmo #bungiehelp

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