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11/16/2016 5:22:15 AM

Exotic Weapon/Armor Design Contest

Other than Destiny, Warframe is one of my most played online games. They introduced a system, Tennogen, where players could show their talent modeling and texturing; players could then vote for their favorites, which would eventually be put into the game. There's a lot of talented artists in this community, and while you "recognize" them on your Twitter, you don't really do anything with this talent. I think this game could really benefit from a community-design competition. Maybe you could have a different theme each month, taking an exotic concept (perks, lore, etc) and asking players to make it into a 3d model (or concept art that could be used by the artists at Bungie to make a 3d model). As for incentives, other than seeing their designs made into actual game objects in Destiny, the winners could be given unique emblems and shaders, possibly even a 1-2000 Silver ($20) which is likely far less than what it would cost to have your artists come up with an entirely new design. For the rest of the participants, they could also be given a special emblem for just submitting (that the winners would receive in addition to the other prizes).

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