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11/14/2016 9:39:19 AM
Dear Bungie, or dear reader, We are 3 in my house to play destiny, from France, and now it's more and more the mess to join the fireteam from the same network. Upnp is well activated, we are all player from 1 year, and yes the bug is more there since one update, it was not so tough to join before. Every time with my son we need to reboot from scratch the ps4...start the game, wait...join, and this is never garantee that it will solve the issue even... My son need to connect to 4g...and magic we can login all together him me and people from our team... Please find a solution, people are tired to just can't play...especially year's one know how many money we put us to play from begining, a minimum of respect to us player no... You know, on the same network, my wife or my son we have zero issue to play other our router is pretty well (upnp or not...).... Thanks bungie, understand that the noise we are doing is never for nothing, like when you do your... stephane

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