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11/13/2016 10:35:41 AM

Xbox one Recruiting XGC ASSASSINS

Are you tired of playing alone? Hoping for the best to have someone appear online to run nightfall, raids or even strikes and pvp with you?...... XGC Assassins just might be the answer your looking for if you put the effort in the game we definetly put out the effort in recruiting active players and very informed players for Destiny. We are part of a well structured and very well kept gaming community known as XiledGaming. If your a player who needs help on any end from pvp, pve, raids, weekly nightfall/strikes, then the ONLY question I have for you is why aren't you applying to XGC ASSASSINS? XGC ASSASSINS has a destiny squad with the leadership in it to help with pretty much anything. So if you are interested contact XGC DR EVIL, I MRS TARHEEL I or Toxcicity101. Looking forward to working with you guys and if you do have any questions don't hesitate to ask, thats what this community strives off of which is helping one another. Our only requirements are that you have a mic and are 18+.

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