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11/11/2016 12:21:04 PM
I've been patient. 3 months I've been patient. I've played this game since year one and it has worked dang near flawless until Rise of Iron came out. After the release and update of Rise of Iron me and my brother have tried connecting once a day for three months straight. We've had success twice. It's not our internet or modem or anything, y'all need to stop counting your money and patch this before you start losing money. You've said these BS "solutions" over and over again but that's kinda bad when the players have to fix a game that y'all could patch. Don't tell me this horse manure that "We're investigating the issue" it's been an ongoing issue for three long months! This makes y'all look lazy, it makes it seem like you don't care. Well you're probably going to lose a lot of customers over something that could easily be fixed, and DO NOT say that it can't be easily fixed because if y'all can program a game that is only online then y'all probably have a good team for network issues, but right now it seems like this game has been abandoned. FIX IT!!!

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