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Bearbeitet von Captain_Haruno: 3/31/2017 2:13:46 AM

Saint-14, Osiris and Destiny 2

Hello Lore Community! I stumbled on a very interesting Titan Mark today, The Mark of the War Tides. I didn't think much of it at first until I read the flavor text. It read, [i]"At the doom of Men he will return home among the wise Vanir"[/i]. When the text referred to [i]"He"[/i] I immediately thought of Saint-14, the legendary Titan who disappeared long ago going after Osiris. Usually class items only talk about the class that wears them and Saint-14 was so beloved that this almost feels certain. The Vanir are interesting too. After a little bit of research I found that Vanir were Gods in Norse mythology. They were often associated with things like wisdom, magic and the ability to see into the future. Things you could associate with a Warlock, especially Osiris with his understanding of the Vex. The Doom of Men is the biggest leap here. Destiny 2 concept leaks some time ago hinted at a dark future, the destruction of the Last City. This has been confirmed to have not been used by Bungie but why create such an extreme theme that had no place in Destiny's future? This makes me believe this will come to pass in some way. Adding all of this makes me believe that in Destiny 2 the Last City will be destroyed and Saint-14, Osiris and his disciples will come to the aid of whatever remains of Humanity's population. Maybe giving us a home on one of the Outer Worlds, giving Humanity a place to try to rebuild and recover. What are your thoughts and theories? I'd love to see what Destiny's amazing Lore Lords think! Comment below and thank you for reading! Quick Edit: With some of Destiny 2's story elements being revealed, this theory gained some strength! Hope it comes through entirely, it'd be great for the story!

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