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Bearbeitet von xLord Ryan: 10/31/2016 4:23:12 PM

Darkness in Destiny

Everything about Destiny is about attaining more Light in order to fight the ever growing Darkness in the Destiny universe. I feel like in Destiny 2 there should be some aspect of being able to join into the darker side because some people, like me, would love to reign terror on the supposed "good" beings. I don't have any data that would show exactly how this would work, but the idea just made me want to post a thread on it. I would just absolutely love to see the darker side of Destiny. A concept that I found really fun was in Mass Effect 2 where you could either delve into the darker side or try to help everyone. When you stayed good, if you will, then your character would remain a normal human and everyone would admire you. If you went into the darker side then your skin would start having red scars because evil was consuming you. This aspect could make things pretty interesting when added to the Destiny universe. Any thoughts as to how this could work and be a healthy system? Has this been theorized or thought of before? I'd love to see their thoughts on this and yours too. I don't know, to me this just gets me super excited and would love any thoughts on this.

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