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10/26/2016 11:20:58 AM

My feedback?

Lemme just start with this. Forums aren't working properly, again. So had trouble posting this tidbit. So I've played this game for a long time. Since year one but some months in. I've tried and tried and tried to keep going, hoping this game would level out its problems bUT I've reached my limit. I bet you can't tell me of something in this game that hasn't needed work. As far back as I can remember. This game has been a shet show. 1. Every update screws up the game even more in some way. Not professional at all. 2. Nerfs. On. Literally. Everything. From guns to classes to stupid 3 o coins. 3. Redundancy. Each large update I say to myself, maybe this one will be good and keep me interested. Nope, usually one new strike with rehashed old ones. Strikes are boring as hell even with the buffs. 4. Don't even get me started on the story, and grimoire system. 5. Rewards. Rng is terrible and everyone has said it soooo many times. I got 9 two to the morgues in a row over 2 characters and am on a 5 streak so far of the fwc fusion. 6. Meta. It's always something which automatically means balance doesn't exist. 7. CONNECTIONS. Dear god connections. Getting booted from every activity imaginable with green bars. Getting killed behind 12 feet of solid rock in the crucible. Putting 2 clips into a guys head for him to appear behind and shotgun....list goes on. 8. Microtransactions. A sad trend of greed. Thanks Activision you ka hunts. I'm just tired of all these things never being resolved. My hope that they'll change has been dashed with every update large and small. All in all, I for one am not getting destiny 2. No matterm how much better it is. Mostly since anything would be better than this. Smooth game play mechanics aren't enough anymore when everything else is rubbish, and ruined by cap servers. This has basically been a 120 dollar beta for destiny 2 as I see it, and I'm damn glad I'll have skyrim again so I don't have to rage my face off at the sham that this game is/has become.

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