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5/11/2016 1:33:56 PM

Rift League - Basically make Destiny's Rift into a modern version of Speedball 2.

Hello there and welcome. I can see in your eyes that you crave excitement. You thirst for speed, for displays of tactics and power.... you need RIFT THE LEAGUE!! Now if anyone remembers back to the early 90s there was a game called Speed Ball 2 on various systems. This was a futuristic blood spot. A great little arcade top down sports sim which in pummelled the enemy team and threw a metal ball into a hole. It was wicked!! Now, we have had Sparrow racing which was an awesome distraction in the destiny league. How about a RIFT LEAGUE. Rift is a great game type and brings out some great team play but what I think this mode lacks is a focus or difference in the playing environment. The multi player maps found in Destiny are awesome but could you imagine a couple of Rift playing field style maps full of turrets, tele-porters, traps and goals?? Teams can battle it out in a Rift arena, trigger traps, even maybe throw the spark instead of using grenades? There can be team strips, an online league, custom commentary.... the possibilities are endless. What do you think? Does this game mode deserve to rise out of the depths of "just another multi player mode" and answer it's true calling? Would you like to see this? Let's here your thoughts...

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