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10/7/2016 4:13:30 AM

[EU only] Win Destiny themed loot boxes - Share your best screenshots or Sparrow Race time

Hello Guardians, I originally posted this on our Subreddit, [url=]head over there for more info [/url] You can win a Destiny themed Loot Box by participating in one of our contests: [b]1. Flawless Racer Contest[/b] - [url=]Complete the fastest lap around the Plaguelands on a Sparrow without getting hit[/url] [b]2. Iron Memento Contest[/b] - [url=]Capture the spirit and atmosphere of Rise of Iron in a screenshot[/url] That's it, read the rules and submit your entries. The deadline is Destiny weekly reset. You need to provide a European address should you win to receive the price (shipping and legal reasons). Good luck, happy racing and screenshotting! PS: I asked Spawn before making this post, please don't Ninja Justice me <3 - Fuzzle
#Destiny #contest

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