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Environmental Hazards & Crucible Skull Modifiers



Somewhere Inbetween




You have either got the most out of Private Matches or you still have yet to find friends to play it with. No matter your answer, you can agree with me that the system can be improved. Although there are many different ways it can be improved, I'd like to share one specific idea I had that I think would fit well into the game. Just like how Heroic Strike Playlists and Nightfall Strikes have skull modifiers that adjust the challenge and play-style of the activity - What if private Crucible matches or special Crucible playlists had modifiers as well? So picture this, you're in orbit and you select Private Match and open up the game options. [quote][i]SET GAME OPTIONS[/i] [b]GAME TYPE[/b] [b]MAP[/b] [b]SCORE LIMIT[/b] [b]LIGHT LEVEL[/b] [b]TIME OF DAY[/b] [b]MODIFIERS[/b] <-- Here's where you would select the skull[/quote] In the Modifiers folder, you might find skulls identical to the ones found in the Heroic Strike Playlists such as [i]Brawler[/i] or [i]Airborne[/i] which you can select on and off. However, this is an idea thread and I have a butt-ton of more modifiers to talk about. [spoiler][b]AIRBORNE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Players deal more damage while in the air.[/i] _____ [b]BRAWLER | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.[/i] _____ [b]CATAPULT | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Grenade recharge rate is greatly increased.[/i] _____ [b]CHAFF | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Player radar is disabled.[/i] _____ [b]EXPOSURE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish.[/i] _____ [b]GROUNDED | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Players take more damage while airborne.[/i] _____ [b]TRICKLE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced.[/i] _____[/spoiler] ___________________________________________  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ First of all, let me share with you an even more crazy idea. So you know that Time of Day folder where you can select either Morning, Afternoon, or Night? Well, imagine if there was a fourth option for environmental hazards! In this concept, they would be selected in the Time of Day folder, specific to the map, but would show as an active skull modifier. By selecting the "Hazard" option in the Time of Day folder, the map's appearance would be drastically changed. Adding in weather effects such as heavy rain, sandstorms, or snow. Many of you are probably connecting this idea to the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, which you'd be right on track. After closely inspecting each Crucible map, I came up with a hazard modifier to each specific map which I hope you can imagine clearly. [i](Click the Spoiler Box below)[/i] [spoiler][b]DARKNESS | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, shrouding the area in darkness and disabling normal light sources. [i]• Field of view is reduced, only lighted by your Ghost's flashlight[/i][quote]The Anomaly Cathedral of Dusk The Cauldron The Drifter The Dungeons First Light Last Exit [/quote]_____ [b]FLARE | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, increasing the intensity of the Sun's light. [i]• Players gradually become disoriented when outside of shaded areas[/i][quote]Black Shield Burning Shrine Vertigo [/quote]_____ [b]MIST | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, clouding the area in a dense fog. [i]• Visible draw distance is drastically reduced[/i][quote]Memento Pantheon [/quote]_____ [b]RAIN | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, causing a heavy downpour to fall from the clouds. [i]• Increased player slide distance and discontinuing a sprint keeps partial directional momentum when outdoors[/i][quote]Asylum Bannerfall Crossroads Shores of Time Widows Court [/quote]_____ [b]SANDSTORM | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, creating a violent sandstorm. [i]• Players take continuous damage and experience decreased visible draw distance when outside[/i][quote]Bastion Firebase Delphi Skyline Timekeeper [/quote]_____ [b]SNOWFALL | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, covering the arena in snow. [i]• Reduced player agility and initial jump height when outdoors[/i][quote]Exodus Blue Frontier Rusted Lands Skyshock Twilight Gap [/quote]_____ [b]THUNDERSTORM | Stage Modifier[/b] Changes the appearance of the landscape, darkening the clouds while sending down hazardous bolts of lightning. [i]• Players have a chance to get struck by lightning when outdoors[/i][quote]Blindwatch Floating Gardens Thieves' Den [/quote]_____[/spoiler] ___________________________________________  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ Now, even with the ideas presented above, custom games would still be missing a lot of customization. This is where we would need more skulls, and in the spoiler box below, this is where you will find them. [i](Click the Spoiler Box below)[/i] [spoiler][b]ACHILLES | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Aim down sights are deactivated when taking damage.[/i] _____ [b]ASSASSIN | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Players deal more damage when attacking an enemy with a melee attack from behind.[/i] _____ [b]BASIC | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Weapons and Armor no longer provide their perks.[/i] _____ [b]BALANCED | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Individual player stats are reset and evened out across all attributes.[/i] _____ [b]BLIND | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• User interface is hidden.[/i] _____ [b]BOTTOMLESS | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Weapons no longer need to be reloaded and automatically take from the reserves.[/i] _____ [b]BULLET SPONGE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Precision hits no longer deal bonus damage.[/i] _____ [b]CROSSFIRE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Team damage is enabled.[/i] _____ [b]CURSED | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Players drop their ammunition on death.[/i] _____ [b]HARDCORE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Sprint and Jump abilities are disabled.[/i] _____ [b]INFINITE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Primary, Special, and Heavy weapon clips slowly generate ammunition.[/i] _____ [b]IMMORTAL | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Player shields assume all damage from a single attack, leaving the player's health untouched when damage first exceeds the shields strength.[/i] _____ [b]MARATHON | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Reloading no longer deactivates sprint.[/i] _____ [b]OLD SCHOOL | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Players can no longer aim down sights of weapons except when using Sniper Rifles.[/i] _____ [b]ROCKETEER | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Firing weapons while airborne no longer deactivates Jump Abilities.[/i] _____ [b]ROULETTE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Player weapons are randomized on each spawn.[/i] _____ [b]STAT BOOST | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Individual player Armor, Recovery, and Agility stats are multiplied by 2x.[/i] _____ [b]STOCKPILE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• All player ammunition drops on death.[/i] _____ [b]ULTIMATE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Super abilities can only be used once for the entire duration of the activity..[/i] _____ [b]NO GRENADES | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Grenade abilities are disabled.[/i] _____ [b]NO MELEE | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Melee abilities are disabled.[/i] _____ [b]NO SUPER | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Super abilities are disabled.[/i] _____ [b]NO EXOTICS | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Exotic weapons and armor no longer provide their Exotic perks.[/i] _____ [b]NO PRIMARY | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Restricts the use of Primary Weapons.[/i] _____ [b]NO SPECIAL | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Restricts the use of Special Weapons.[/i] _____ [b]NO HEAVY | Game Modifier[/b] [i]• Restricts the use of Heavy Weapons.[/i] _____[/spoiler] ___________________________________________  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ I hope you liked the idea! Thanks for reading this far, and kudos if you've read all of it or took it into consideration how it could be if these ideas were implemented. They aren't flawless ideas, but hey, its a start. Feel free to comment your own skull modifiers for me to add onto the list. [i]Edit: Thanks for the feedback. Once I have the time I'll edit in the new skulls suggested in the comments. Thanks again.[/i]

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