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9/30/2016 3:47:53 PM

Insted of dismantling legendaries/exotic weapon/armor, only "transfuse light" and maintain current equipment with its perks

1 I like this idea


2 I don't like this


Currently when you upgrade a piece of armor or weapon, the previous armor/weapon disappears. I would welcome a modification where when you use a higher light item to improve a piece of armor/weapon, you transfuse the light level, but you keep the current piece of armor at a lower light level ie 280 or 300 or something that bungie deems acceptable. that way we can keep pieces of armor and weapons we like for future use, especially if we have put in time to upgrade them and we just want to transfuse the light. this is useful for legendaries and exotics. Blue weapons/armors can be dismantled upon infusion process, I don't see no harm in that

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