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Internal Affairs- Running- Part 2

Author's note- Hi. That is all. Oh and thanks Echo! Enjoy =-------------------= Bullets soared over Anon's head at amazing velocities as he fluidly materialized into his ship, kicking on the engines and beginning his escape flight. He instantly threw the throttle stick forward causing the ship to jerk forward and blast out of the hangar at incredible speeds. Anon blasted through the white wisps of moisture, known as clouds, with a feeling of finesse and difference. Anon felt more confident than ever for reasons he couldn't explain. Maybe it was because he was the first Guardian to completely defy The Speaker? He didn't know. Anon's confidence swept away as he passed over the Mothyards where his a friend had perished long ago, it was also where his Ghost found him. Anon always held the Mothyards close to heart because of these memories. It made Anon ill, knowing that he would likely never see it again. Just as he was taking in his last looks of Earth, a heavy shadow fell upon his cockpit. Anon's Ghost looked up curiously, wondering what could be causing the shadow to form. "That's unusual..." Anon's peaceful train of thought reached a screeching halt as he shakily looked up past his Ghost. He saw A fleet of fighters, Several to be exact. The fighters had taken formation above his ship and several meters behind it. The small squadron had red lasers pointed at his ship, showing they had him targeted. "GO!" Anon's Ghost ordered him. Anon in utter panic shoved his throttle stick forward, making his ship launch forward once more and throwing him back against his seat. After several minutes of flying  gradually up there was no sign of the fighters. "I think we're clear..." Anon said, his adrenaline running rampant in his body. Anon smiled at his Ghost. "So, what'd you thi-" A booming blood curling noise sounded from the back of Anon's ship as his head launched forward forcing him to bite his tongue. "I think not!" His Ghost chimed in. "We've been holed Guardian!" Anons ship sputtered to a stop as the engines sparked and caught on fire. The nose of the ship slowly fell down till it was facing the snowy surface of the Cosmodrome. "Oh, shit." The jumpship plummeted down to the surface as its metal strained against the forces of gravity. Anon screamed in pain as his own ribs fell in on him and, the blood rushed to his head. Anons ship repeated one word as they fell from the sky. [b]"EJECT! EJECT!"[/b] As abruptly as they were "holed" the ship hit the ground, just as abruptly. Dirt rushed into the cockpit swallowing Anon whole. The ship exploded in a big ball of flames, raging towards the sky. The Seven fighters from before landed next to the big ball of fire. Soon after they had landed, an eighth emerged. The one that had taken Anon down. From the ship materialized Commander Zavala, who walked up to the side of the ship. The only thing which could be seen within the cockpit, was a charred away body. "Where's his Ghost?" Zavala asked angrily. A small female Huntress reluctantly stepped up to Zavala's side. "We're not sure yet sir, there were reports of something flying off after it crashed but, no gurantee that was it." Zavala, consumed with rage by the Huntress ignorance, grabbed the Huntress by her cloak and brought her face to his. "FIND IT!" He spat. "But sir nothi-" "GO!" Zavala chucked the Hunter over towards the fire before she could finish her sentence. She landed right next to the roaring fire, whimpering like an injured dog. With that Zavala turned,  materializing into his ship and flying off back to the city. The small group quickly followed, leaving only the fiery ball that was once a ship and the whimpering Huntress, who stood shakily. "Anon, what have you gotten yourself into?" She asked herself, walking towards her ship. =----------------------------= Finale Of Running! Catch up here-

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