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8/31/2016 4:27:09 AM

Exotic items from legendary engrams

Now that our wonderful time with year two items is soon to end, soon to be replaced with shiny new year 3 items, I have a question: has anybody been given an exotic piece of gear from a legendary engram? I mean seriously, I don't think that I ever had it happen with TTK. I recall many times I've been given an unexpected exotic in the first year, but in TTK, I can't recall once getting that quick adrenalin surge that's makes dance with joy (side note: they should program Rahool to dance back). I can believe being unlucky, but in an entire year of frequent playing, it should have happened at least once. Tell me fellow guardians, have I sinned by merely forgetting about my yellow treasure, or am I right in thinking there has been a large gap in our reward system? I say give me exotics, or give me death. (Ghost, please stand by for respawn.)

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