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8/27/2016 6:42:43 PM

We have an influx of new players this past week, so...!

Since Destiny-vanilla has become available for Free with "In-Game Purchases," I've noticed a sudden, large presence of Level 3's - 7's roaming the Cosmodrome. And they're not just "re-made alts," I'm thorough enough to check their achievements page, and notice that the vast majority of them have Destiny Achievements at 0% or 2 - 5%. For all of you newbies in the community, let me say: Welcome! -- I'm actually [b]GLAD[/b] to see another spike in the numbers for the games community. For all the bitching and griping that "Destiny is Dead/Dying," it's good to see that people still have interest in experiencing the game before dismissing it. With that being said, I'm here to offer my personal friendship and assistance to all of the new members who're just starting their Destiny-Grinds for the first time. I'm an Xbox One player, my GT is the same name you see on this forum. I'm level 40 and Light-Level 335. I've been playing Destiny since the BETA and have a very strong knowledge of the PVE world, and I'm happy to help anyone who needs help with their story-missions. Feel free to send me a Friend-Add on Xbox Live, and message me to let me know that you're new and looking for some help. I'm willing to help with Story-Missions, Patrols, Strikes, Nightfalls. If we can even get a group of 6 together, I'll help you complete Vault of Glass and Crota's End (The Old Raids), so you can get your first-hand experience of what we all battled through in our Destiny-Careers. As for PvP, I'm moderate. Not topping the leader-boards, but I have no problem getting 20-30+ kills and a positive KDR in a match. I can offer you beginners pointers and ways to help adjust to the mechanics and the pace in matches, and I can off you some advice on where to find BETTER advice than mine, if you need it. Add me and/or message me if you'd like someone to help you do your grind at your own pace, and we'll see how quickly we can get you new-comers up to date, and ready to join us at Felwinters Peak in Rise of Iron. In the words of, "My Name is Byf" -- I'll see you Star-Side.

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