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Internal Affairs- Running- Part One

Author's Note- Before we begin, I'd like to announce my potential return to the writing of Destiny. Some of you may not recognize me, In which case I strongly recommend you read through my first series, which will be linked below. Now then, enjoy! One last thing, my Good friend Echo helped me with this. He edited it and just helped my a ton. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]RECAP[/b] "Hunter please," The Speaker begged Anon. "No, you don't know, you don't CARE. All you care about is your damn floating ball." With those final words Anon, threw the book at the Speaker and quickly dashed out of the room. The Speaker let out a deep sigh of dismay, Although no one could see, a solemn look grew on the Speakers face as he watched Anon run past the blueprint vaults. "Sir?" A guard asked anxiously.  "Get him." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the Speaker said those two words, it seemed like time slowed down. Anon rushed down the Hall Of Guardians, passing by where Shaxx stood; hands behind his back. "I CANT BELIEVE WHAT IM SEEING!" Shaxx shouted as The Speaker's guards chased after Anon. As Anon reached the staircase, Eris Morn stepped in front of his path, stopping him in his tracks. She had drawn an old and battered Hunter knife while Anon stood there, unarmed. "Hunter, stop." Eris said in a firm, commanding voice. Anon stared blankly at the stairs behind Eris, which seemed oh so close but in reality, were so far away. "What, why? What are you doing?" Anon asked, snapping out of his trance-like state. "I am stopping you Guardian, you need help." "What could you possi-" As he began to speak Anon was tackled into the ground by one of the guards, who roughly  pulled Anon's hand behind his back, tying them together with a tight knot. Anon resisted as much as he could, to no avail. His strength was no match for the well trained guard. The guard leaned in whispering to Anon, "It all fits you see. Guardian that lost everything kills himself. Quite the story." "YOU BASTARDS!" Anon screamed in pure rage, "You won't get away with this! I swear you won't, I have witnesses!" "Get away with what? You're the criminal." The guard stated, a smirk on his face. The guard got off of Anon, swiftly pulling the Hunter to his feet. The Speaker began his approach down the long Hall Of Guardians, which was walked only by the greatest of heroes. "Hunter, this is for the good of the city." The Speaker stated in an empty way. "What the hell ever happened to freedom of speech?" Anon muttered under his breath, before looking at the Speaker and saying, "The good of the city huh?" Anon spat at the Speaker who simply sighed once again. The Masked man pulled out a handkerchief and wiped at the spit. Once it was gone, he dropped the handkerchief to the ground. "Oops." As if on cue, the guard smacked Anon in the back of the head, with the stock of a rifle. Anon's vision darkened and he felt his wrist flick as his arms hit the floor violently. He rolled over onto his back, trying to get one last glimpse of the guard. Anon, expecting to be met with another smack to the face, was met with the barrel of said rifle. The rifle, belonging to the guard who had smacked him to the ground, was aimed directly at Anon, who stared down the barrel in fear. He gulped down his saliva, attempting to stay kosher. "Stand down Hunter." Anon thought about how the next few seconds could be his last but, for some reason it didn't bother him. He felt at peace with his decision to deny The Speaker, he felt at peace with his friends' deaths for the first time. Anon was at peace, he didn't fear death, but Anon refused to die on his knees. If he was going to die, it would be an honorable death. Anon abruptly launched off the ground toward the guard flinging his legs like a banshee. He easily disposed of the guard and the rifle by sending them crashing into the ground. The guard's rifle skidded to a halt right before Eris' feet who, had been spectating the scene from a few yards away. Anon dove towards the rifle in an alacrity movement, while completely ignoring Eris' presence. He grabbed at the rifle with his hands, quickly noticing the weapon had a burst trigger. It was a Pulse Rifle, a very well modified one as well. Anon looked up from his quick inspection of the weapon and saw Eris staring down at him, blankly as could be. "Um...hello!" Anon said, obviously panicking. Eris' blank look quickly dissipated and she scowled down at Anon. Anon immediately got up trying to shake the uncomfortable feeling of Eris' gaze. "And I'll be on my way!" Anon darted to the other side of the small room and ran up the opposite staircase of where Eris stood. He could see confused Guardians looking down at him from the railing above, whispering back and forth between each other. Anon bolted up the last set of stairs into the light of day. He could hear shouting coming from the Hall Of Guardians and boots scuffling against the ceramic floor. Anon knew he didn't have much time, he needed to get off-world, he needed his ship. Anon began sprinting towards the hangar bay, pushing past guardians and frames on the way. Soon, he was down more stairs and stood face to face with Amanda Holiday. "I need my ship, ASAP." Anon boldly said. Amanda smiled. "You know they already have a warrant out for ya'? I could turn you in; get pounds of glimmer." "Yeah?" Anon said in a questioning tone. Amanda smiled again. "Well I'm not going to do that, I'll get you your ship but-" Anon cut Amanda off, already knowing what she was going to say. "I owe you something." "Right." Amanda said in an amusing way. Anon shrugged his shoulders. "Fair enough." Amanda smiled yet again. "It's in hangar three." "Thanks Amanda." "Yep." "One last thing. Could you do something about this?" He held up his hands, showing them tied together. Amanda chuckled, grabbed a knife off the table, cutting the rope. As she finished, Anon dove through an opening in the fence behind Amanda Holiday and landed almost perfectly on the ground. "You god damn show-off!" Amanda yelled across the hangar, in a joking manner. Anon chuckled under his breath and threw a thumbs up, his pulse now on his back. He then slid inside hangar three right on top of his ship. As he began transporting into it, he heard Amanda yell something, probably a joke. However, another yell came from the same position as Amanda, from someone else. Anon raised his landing pad and looked over to where Amanda usually stood. Amanda was there, being coldly suffocated by none other than Commander Zavala. Suddenly Amanda's neck fell limp and her arms stopped struggling. Amanda Holiday was dead. A cold chill ran through Anon, the killing was so sudden and unexpected that it almost scared him. Anon's fear instantly turned into a raging anger. He couldn't control it, not a slight second longer, Zavala was going to pay. Anon yelled at the top of his lungs across the hangar, "ZAVALA, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" ---------------------------------------------------- End Of Part One Link to the Start of it all

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