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Republican Senate Candidate Jim Rubens Wants Money Out of Politics Jim Rubens is a republican who is running for senate in New Hampshire against incumbent Kelly Ayote. He is of course a republican, that I myself personally disagree with on many issues, but what makes him stand out? He is very vocal about the influence of money in politics and supports campaign finance reform. He believes that perpetual warfare in the Middle East has been an absolute disaster and guess what? He even acknowledges man made climate change. He's also vocal against the war on drugs and wasteful military spending. Kelly Ayote is of course, the typical establishment hack who is beholden to her donors, is in the crowd of war hawks that push for more endless war, just the all-round neoliberal shill. Rubens however, is a genuine conservative who again, I personally disagree with on many things, but he cares about election and campaign finance reform, that's what's important. There needs to be a return to real democracy and real debates on the issues, and not the polarized politicking we see everyday. It's better to have those we disagree with on most issues but are honest principled people who actually care about the issues, then those who are only beholden to their donors whether they're a republican or democrat. If there's anyone from New Hampshire here, whether you're a conservative or a progressive, I believe he is worth considering.

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