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Bearbeitet von Tsukuyomi Zero: 8/13/2016 9:44:19 AM

I am sick of people complaining about Feminism/PC.

I really am, since the major events in 2014 feminists have been winning at every stage, [b]> Freedom of Speech/Expression[/b] - Illegal to criticize Religion in Australia - Illegal to call for ban on Immigration - Make Satire videos[url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url]-dog-salute-video-man-arrested-a7021006.html - Disagree with People. [b]> Criminal Law[/b] - Men are Guilty of -blam!- until proved Innocent -!--rules-30947951.html!--rules.html - So technically if you have sex with a woman in the UK you are committing -blam!- unless you can prove it. - Women get preferential treatment in Divorces/Custody - - Prefential treatment with Sentcenting. - [b]Culture > Media[/b] - Games now adays get censored outta pure stupidity, whether it's Streetfighter or Overwatch... Oh that's too sexy, or it treats them like an object. - Criticize a Movie = Sexism, why? because it has female cast... - Most porn is effectively banned in the UK.l - [b]> General [/b] - it has somehow become socially acceptable to be openly racist and sexist to White Males. Whether it's from [b]PR mangers[/b], or Politicians, or people in your Colleges. - Nowadays if you call for the deaths of Police Officers, you get Invited to the UN. - BLM. Is it true that Females are being granted a higher class than men in the Western world? Well it certainly looks that way, and while there is a damn lot of resistance against this, all people ever do is complain in Videos, comments or forums - Which is effectively useless. [b]Want to know how Feminists are winning? They are campaigning, petitioning, lobbying their representatives, they are actually acknowledging Democracy, which makes perfect sense as to why these laws are being passed.[/b] So would people stop complaining about it? //Thanks to Bungie's ridiculous censor system, some of the words in the urls have been changed, so they are broke, you basically just have to replace the word, and the link would work. [spoiler]Serious post as usual, please do not take it down due to your views. [/spoiler] Also whatcha think of the music, it's one of my fav tracks.

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