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7/19/2016 5:14:54 AM

Unique exotic

Dear Bungie and destiny community, I fell in love with destiny from the very first time I played it. I got it as part of a bundle, not an official bundle but a bundle nonetheless. The game is great! I had one major gripe, customizable weapons. Being able to setup a weapon exactly how you wanted to suit your gameplay was just non existent. This was somewhat address with use of TWIST FATE and GLASS NEEDLES. What would be really cool that I think would help boost the game is if there was a quest given primarily to year 2 triumph completers that would allow them to start building reputation with Xur. Progression through the quest for each level of rep allows you to get a module. Each module is a customizable component that can be combined to build one unique exotic (UE). The module could scan 1-3 guns to select the perk that the guardian wants installed on his UE. To complete the exotic you would need 12 modules (this is where you decide if 12 modules equals 12 perks or just 3). In the name of fairness and balance of course the more perks you put on the exotic the less damage it does, takes longer to aim, has a slow reload, fire rate, etc (you guys know how to nerf well). It can only be done once. However if the player wants a new UE they would have to go to Xur and let him destroy the UE returning only 3 modules because their reputation would decrease (being an agent of the nine acquiring these components is no simple task) and they would have to start over again. What do you guys think?

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